Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kauai, Camps Bay: A Disaster!

Unfortunately another negative review is on the cards and this time Kauai are being named and shamed.

When Kauai first opened I was the first to embrace the 'healthy' food and the new items it brought to South African food. I loved the whole health concept and the smoothies that had a little something for everyone. Their portions were beyond generous but the quality and variations were great.

Unfortunately I feel that their quality has dropped somewhat. The service is shocking and the food either takes forever or it just isn't as nice as it used to be.

Today I went down to Camps Bay and all we ordered was one smoothie and a coffee. Being lactose intolerant I know that places that offer soya products so Kauai was a natural choice.

Upon arriving there I asked for a coffee with soya milk. They flat out refused to make it for despite their menu saying "we offer soya alternatives". I realise they don't have the actual soya milk and use the soya power (which I fail to see why they don't have the normal milk either) instead but that did not bother me as I had drunk the coffee like that before.

I felt like they were dishing out a 100 and one reasons as to why they could not give me the coffee with soya powder. Finally they gave in and they placed the order.

We waited 25minutes for just a smoothie and the coffee to arrive, while people that had ordered after us and had ordered food received their orders way before we even got served our two drinks. The staff didn't offer an apology, nothing.

But to top it off, the coffee they gave me tasted like dirty water and after two sips I left it there and refused to drink it again. It will be a very long time until I step foot inside Kauai in Camps Bay. A real pity.

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