Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simon's at Groot Constantia

It breaks my heart to have to write this review but I have I feel it is my duty to report on the bad as often as I report on the good as it is only fair.

I first tried out Simon's in Groot Constantia when they opened up several years ago and they left a lasting impression on me. Their burgers were so tasty and tender and the presentation of the food was well done and so colourful leaving me so desperately wanting to return.

Unfortunately it took several years to return but I jumped at the offer to go there for lunch. For starters we ordered the Oysters, Camembert and Cranberry and Blue cheese with fig preserve spring rolls as well as Bobotjie Dumplings.

The Oysters were delicious as well as the Bobotjie Dumplings; they arrived in four tiny parcels with the bobotjie mince inside them accompanied with a yogurt dressing. Unfortunately the spring roll starter was a disaster as the cheese inside the rolls were still frozen. They were sent back and a new batch was brought back straight away

The mains consisted of a the Camembert and Cranberry Chicken burger, a roasted beetroot and butternut salad, and finally Calamari of the day which was deep fried calamari.

The chicken burger was gigantic as it arrived with two huge crumbed chicken breasts, that were unfortunately bland in flavour and the crumbs too heavy to eat; leaving it impossible to eat the full two breasts and burger.

The salad was average as there were only three pieces of beetroot and butternut on the plate with very little goats cheese. If one was to order a salad like this the best places to order from are either Balducci's or Col'Cacchio who have this salad down to a tee.

The calamari where an overall disappointment as everyone around the restaurant didn't enjoy the dish. Complaints were coming left, right and centre leaving the front of house staff totally bewildered and at a loss on what to do.

The coating of the calarmari was so heavy that people started to pick it off and just eat the calamari inside or they just left the dish alone and not even bothering to eat it at all.

It was a real disappointing afternoon as the food was definitely not up to the standards of what it could be. Aesthetically the presentation of the food was mind blowing but unfortunately the cooking let it down.

Let's hope that things improve as they certainly do have the potential to produce world class meals. Would I go back? Yes, I am willing to give Simon's the benefit of the doubt this time and would return one more time to try out the food.

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