Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Best Of Thai: Yindees

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most adventurous when it comes to trying food but last night I decided to go for something different and try out traditional Thai cuisine. No better place than Yindees, right?

I loved the rustic, dark atmosphere upon walking in as I was greeted with warm smiles by all the staff members. I had the option to sit at a normal table or on a deck that had scatter cushions and low tables. There was no question about it, the scatter cushions were a winner!

The waitress was great in that we were not pressured to eat at all, and she wasn't constantly coming to our table to ask us if she could get us anything. She read our vibe well in that we just wanted a relaxing evening in which we wnated to talk and take our time in deciding what to eat and drink.

We finished off a whole bottle of wine before we even looked at the menu and breaking all nutritional rules we decided to finally order something at 10:30pm.

Opting for three side dishes; the Satay combo of chicken, vegetable and beef skewers which was accompanied by a very tasty peanut sauce, the duck spring rolls and a vegetable tempura. The flavours where so refreshing and light. While the presentation of the dishes were well done too.

I must admit we dragged on the night as we only left just after 12pm and we were the only ones there after 10pm but the staff were great as we felt under no pressure at all to leave at all, and that was great.

I highly recommend that everyone gives it a tryas it blows my mind as to why I have never been to Yindees before; but one things is for sure I will definitely be returning soon.

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