Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beluga Simply The Best

This is a late review simply because of the fact I was hoping to dine at another sushi restaurant and compare the two. The comparison would be between Beluga, the fine-dining, first date, upper-class restaurant to that of a low-key, relaxed, light-on-the budget, student type sushi restaurant.

However; after analysing my funds and realising that I have one hell of an expensive weekend coming up; I would have to fight the colossal sushi craving and put the review aside until the funds are more flexible to spend.

When sushi cravings strike, they strike in full force! Last Sunday was no different, so I decided to take advantage of the half-price sushi and cocktail special at Beluga and what an absolute pleasure it was to dine there.

There is something about fine-dining that just makes me so excited. You get to dress up smartly, as opposed to going to a casual- everyday restaurant, the serviettes are cotton, the waiters are all in shirts and chinos and the ambiance is something that is separate to the usual cafe and restaurant scene.

On previous occasions I have had the pleasure of trying out the seared tuna sashimi, salmon roses, the crab salad as well as the tuna sashimi salad but this time I opted for something different. We decided to go the traditional sushi route ordering the tuna and salmon platter.

The platter consisted of a salmon rainbow rolls, tuna and salmon nigiri rolls and tuna California rolls. Once again the presentation was flawless and the sushi was so tasty: with the salmon and tuna just melting in the mouth.

A real winner of a restaurant, and quite frankly one of the best, if not the best place to have sushi in Cape Town. The specials are on everyday until 7pm, and are well worth a try. Bookings are essential as it is always full with sushi and cocktail lovers.

A tad pricey if you don't use the half price special or if you order something from the normal menu but the quality of the food is amazing and well worth paying for flavours like that. Once again a customer left more than satisfied.

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