Friday, August 6, 2010

Pizza? Check! Assembly. Check! Party Time!

It is without a doubt that pizza is one of the most loved food items in the world, and there is arguably few places that serve pizza quite like Col'Cacchio does. Their freshly made, thin crust is cooked to perfection in a genuine wood fire oven. Pizza topping range from all sorts with over twenty different pizza's to choose from. While the pasta's are decent the salads are out of this world offering a new spin on this health meal.

Last year Col'Cacchio started a celebrity chef series where they chose six famous South African chefs to make and create a pizza. Each chef and its pizza was designated a certain month in which it would be on the menu. At the end for each pizza sold 5 bucks would be donated to the Red Cross War Memorial Hospital.

This month saw an Argentine inspired creation as Nicky Gibbs, head chef of Westcliffe, put together the most amazing pizza. Perfect for the lactose intolerant (like myself) this Argentinian beauty contains no mozzarella but sees a host of amazing fresh ingredients on it.El Gaucho has an Argentinian style stew steak, chimicurri, fresh rocket, freshly sliced red onions, rossa sauce drizzled with oliv oil.

I highly recommend this pizza to anyone who appreciates the beauty of combining an array of tastes, and after all it goes towards a good cause, and it is a good way to get the party started.

Following work Assembly was calling my name. After one hell of a jam last weekend, I was keen to hit Harrington Str once more. A pricey entrance fee as tickets were a 100 bucks at the door and 85 pre-sold it was well worth money as the party was electrifying.

The line-up included two huge internationals in the shape of Fuckkkk Offf and Boom Monk Ben along with Cape Town's local boys P.H Fat and others.

The party was pumping as everyone hit the floor in what was one of the best parties of the weekend.

Saturday evening sees Billy Talent, Van Coe Kartel, Taxi Violence, and Philadelphia Grand Jury perform at the 3 Arts theatre in Plumstead. It going to be a rocking party and I am heading there. A full report will be posted up, come the following morning.

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