Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Best Of Thai: Yindees

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most adventurous when it comes to trying food but last night I decided to go for something different and try out traditional Thai cuisine. No better place than Yindees, right?

I loved the rustic, dark atmosphere upon walking in as I was greeted with warm smiles by all the staff members. I had the option to sit at a normal table or on a deck that had scatter cushions and low tables. There was no question about it, the scatter cushions were a winner!

The waitress was great in that we were not pressured to eat at all, and she wasn't constantly coming to our table to ask us if she could get us anything. She read our vibe well in that we just wanted a relaxing evening in which we wnated to talk and take our time in deciding what to eat and drink.

We finished off a whole bottle of wine before we even looked at the menu and breaking all nutritional rules we decided to finally order something at 10:30pm.

Opting for three side dishes; the Satay combo of chicken, vegetable and beef skewers which was accompanied by a very tasty peanut sauce, the duck spring rolls and a vegetable tempura. The flavours where so refreshing and light. While the presentation of the dishes were well done too.

I must admit we dragged on the night as we only left just after 12pm and we were the only ones there after 10pm but the staff were great as we felt under no pressure at all to leave at all, and that was great.

I highly recommend that everyone gives it a tryas it blows my mind as to why I have never been to Yindees before; but one things is for sure I will definitely be returning soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bombay Bicycle Club

My daily routine sees me drive along Kloof street everyday and no matter how much I try not to, I always look at the beautifully decorated Bombay Bicycle club and wish I could eat there one night.

Saturday night I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go, as it was a friend's birthday. Had it not been the birthday I think I would find myself a year later still wishing I had tried it out.

Just walking into the restaurant was mind blowing itself. Not one table is the same. Each table is decorated with different objects, while the room is so busy with stuff hanging off the walls and roof you spend more time worrying about the decorations than the menu, but that just added to the whole relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

Their infamous chilli chocolate steak was a special, along with R99 for a kilogram of prawns (amazing deal), while crumbed veal and a seafood curry was also on the specials list.

I opted for the oven roasted beef with caramelised onion and a cranberry, port, mushroom reduction sauce at R140. The sauce was amazing but I felt the beef could have been more tender throughout. I felt like I was severed two different beef steaks cut up and served on to one dish.

The birthday girl had the chilli chocolate sauce steak. The dish came with three medallions on a skewer with some fried, noodle vibe that looked like something had landed on the dish. Nevertheless I believe the actual dish itself was amazing.

The kilogram of prawns dish was huge, but for the seafood lover it was amazing; definitely hitting the hunger spot.

The desserts looked amazing as the chocolate cigars were definitely the most popular amongst the table. Each dessert costs R36. A warning though, should one wish to bring their own dessert or cake Bombay do charge a 'cakage' fee of R50.

Mixed results overall, but I would recommend a try. The whole ambiance in itself is worth checking out. But be warned prices are high and you might want to make sure you have some money saved before going in.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beluga Simply The Best

This is a late review simply because of the fact I was hoping to dine at another sushi restaurant and compare the two. The comparison would be between Beluga, the fine-dining, first date, upper-class restaurant to that of a low-key, relaxed, light-on-the budget, student type sushi restaurant.

However; after analysing my funds and realising that I have one hell of an expensive weekend coming up; I would have to fight the colossal sushi craving and put the review aside until the funds are more flexible to spend.

When sushi cravings strike, they strike in full force! Last Sunday was no different, so I decided to take advantage of the half-price sushi and cocktail special at Beluga and what an absolute pleasure it was to dine there.

There is something about fine-dining that just makes me so excited. You get to dress up smartly, as opposed to going to a casual- everyday restaurant, the serviettes are cotton, the waiters are all in shirts and chinos and the ambiance is something that is separate to the usual cafe and restaurant scene.

On previous occasions I have had the pleasure of trying out the seared tuna sashimi, salmon roses, the crab salad as well as the tuna sashimi salad but this time I opted for something different. We decided to go the traditional sushi route ordering the tuna and salmon platter.

The platter consisted of a salmon rainbow rolls, tuna and salmon nigiri rolls and tuna California rolls. Once again the presentation was flawless and the sushi was so tasty: with the salmon and tuna just melting in the mouth.

A real winner of a restaurant, and quite frankly one of the best, if not the best place to have sushi in Cape Town. The specials are on everyday until 7pm, and are well worth a try. Bookings are essential as it is always full with sushi and cocktail lovers.

A tad pricey if you don't use the half price special or if you order something from the normal menu but the quality of the food is amazing and well worth paying for flavours like that. Once again a customer left more than satisfied.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Assembly: Discoteque is Electric City

First of all I would like to thank Cape Town Alive for making tonight possible. Cape Town Alive is an online guide to everything and anything that is happening in Cape Town. It is one of the most updated websites that brings information on any gig or event that is happening in 'The Mother City'.

During the week they give away tickets to certain events and I was extremely fortunate enough to win a ticket to Assembly last night which saw a host of Electro DJ's play some awesome tunes. The theme was 'Discoteque is Electric City' and it really was.

The DJ's were amazing, the vibe was pumping as everyone was having an awesome time once again. I have to admit, I first went to Assembly three years ago and wasn't at all impressed but I since returned about six weeks ago and have been back four times since then.

The Assembly has won me over to such an extent that I have even resorted to buying tickets online so I don't miss out on the events. Week in and week out Assembly never fails to deliver a good evening and I highly recommend that everyone gives it a try.

Next week Friday will see Havana Club Rum presenting Castle Vania. It is bound to be an epic night. Tickets are available online for R60 or at the door for R90. Doors Open at 9pm.

Don't miss it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nu Metro's Woza Wednesdays

Tonight I found myself somewhat reminiscent as I strolled into the Waterfront's Nu Metro Cinema which was packed full of people looking to capitalise on Nu Metro's half price movie ticket special. For years now Nu metro have been supplying the public with half price movies on a Wednesday evening, and it has never failed to bring in the viewers, no matter what age.

Why reminiscent? Well, back in the days when I was at school Woza Wednesday was the night to go out on a school night and say you "Yeh, I went out". It gave us a sense of being 'cool'. We never had to wait until the weekend to stay up past 10pm or 11pm; Wednesday was they night.

It was considered our first step into the young adult life before becoming legal because then we could go out to all the parties and drink alcohol, and stay up even later. Therefore, Nu Metro on a Wednesday and Ster Kinekor on Tuesday where the nights to go out.

My mate and I went there to try and watch the much talked about Inception; to no surprise it was fully booked, despite being on air for weeks. Ultimately we opted to watch the Grown Ups which was a fun light hearted comedy and well worth the R18.

It felt just like being back at when I was at school as the smell of pop-corn floated around the cinema, slushy puppies where being drunk and the crackling of sweet papers could be heard in between the odd scene in which there was no laughter.

It really was a good, chilled night out. Much different to what us 21-year-olds usually do and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Willoughby's The Place To Be

Willoughbys, one of the Waterfront's longest standing restaurants and a favourite for tourists and locals looking for a good, well priced meal. Situated next to @Home and opposite Clicks this bustling restaurant lies in the middle of the corridor in the Waterfront, where it turns over tables faster than you can say 'sushi', yet still producing amazingly consistent dishes.

With fish being their speciality, Willoughbys also has a few dishes that cater for the non-sea lovers, which are undoubtedly also worth a try, while their vast selection of wines and cheeses (supplied by the renowned Fairview) caters for all palates.

After a horrid week of running around for everyone my dad surprised me by taking me out to Willoughby's for a 'pick-me-up' dinner. Following my new appreciation for certain fish, I decided to have the crab salad.

Usually a started in traditional sushi restaurants, Willoughby's offers it as a main dish at just 60 bucks. This simple salad that contains no more than five ingredients is scrumptiously delicious and fills the hunger spot up perfectly without making you feel like you have over eaten.

My dad opted for sushi in which he ordered the Rainbow Nation Roll. This sushi looked amazing as it was a California roll that had both Tuna and Salmon together with avocado inside, topped with a dropping of mayonnaise and some caviar.

The colours of the dish were aesthetically pleasing as it really did look like a rainbow. With eight generously sized pieces the sushi stood no chance as it won my dad over.

Once again a winner of a restaurant and it is no wonder why one will always find a queue past @Home's door should one get there after 7pm. Nevertheless, the queue moves quickly and it is well worth the wait. A prompt return is much anticipated.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bayside Cafe: Camps Bay & Woolies Sale

There is no mistaking why the Bayside Cafe in Camps Bay is one of the oldest restaurants in Camps Bay; their wide menu, catering for all types of foodies, and its decent prices has seen locals and foreigners flock to the road side restaurant.

Today I met a good friend, who I haven't seen in a year, for a good catch-up session. Naturally the Bayside called our name and it didn't fail to deliver. The service was good and the food brilliant as I ordered a Hawaiian chicken wrap and my friend a line fish and grilled calamari combo.

The portions were overly generous and the prices decent, with my wrap coming in at R68 and the the fish combo R98. A side plate was also included that had roasted baby onions (yum yum) and the traditional creamed spinach and butternut.

A wonderful sunny day in Camps Bay as the little village was pumping with people looking to treat themselves with good food and fine weather.

I highly recommend The Bayside Cafe as they also have a free winter meal special that seems to be a winner: might as well utilise the special while it lasts as it will be ending soon.

Finally, I am not one for shopping and least of all one for sales. I find them messy and chaotic and often people just dump the items wherever they deem fine IE: the majority of the time on the floor.

However; yesterday I walked into Woolies at Piazza St Johns and the Woolies at the Waterfront and both where well organised. Items were not piled all on top of each other or thrown on the floor.Making it a plesant shopping experience!

I recommend taking a look at the sale as the prices are outrageously good and the items are, as per usual Woolworths quality, excellent!

Check it out, this should not be missed!But be warned, the spring collection is out too and it is looking as fabulous as ever so you might need to be taking out a mortgage to pay off the bills because it is oh so tempting!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rock On. Billy Talent!

It is a long weekend in South Africa to celebrate women's day and being a young female myself I have decided to embrace the weekend and enjoy it to its fullest before the heavy studying. The weekend has only reached its halfway point and it has already been one of the most epic weekends.

Last night saw the Billy Talent concert at the 3 Arts theatre in Plumstead. Tickets were sold out weeks before the concert as the eagerly awaited Canadian band made their first trip down to Mother City.

The venue itself was awesome. It is an old, run down ice-rink building which lies in the middle of what looks some what like a junk yard. Holding up to about three thousand people, the rustic look made the concert look like a real underground, exclusive event.

With out a doubt Taxi Violence set the concert alight as the rocked the stage hard, proving once again why they are one of South Africa's best bands. While Van Coke Cartel brought a different edge to the concert, as they performed in Afrikaans, they ripped the stage apart. Putting in a crazy performance that really put everyone in the mood to get to hear Billy Talent.

Marsh pits started and crowd surfing began as the Afrikaans boys won over even the fully English speaking people. Even I can say that- despite not understanding much- that they rocked it hard!

But nothing beat Billy Talents performance. The previous bands were great, Billy Talent was out of this world. sounding even better live than on recording the four band members rocked it hard. The crowd went insane as a gigantic marsh pit formed in the middle. Several at a time could be seen to be crowd surfing as the hall erupted into singing and dancing.

Without a doubt one of the craziest events I had ever been to but one of the best too. The bass kicked it hard, the drums were worked in an insanely brilliant manner and the lead guitar was just out of this world. Not to mention Benjamin putting in a high powered, energetic, rocking performance.

A awesome evening, an epic weekend and it is not yet over!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pizza? Check! Assembly. Check! Party Time!

It is without a doubt that pizza is one of the most loved food items in the world, and there is arguably few places that serve pizza quite like Col'Cacchio does. Their freshly made, thin crust is cooked to perfection in a genuine wood fire oven. Pizza topping range from all sorts with over twenty different pizza's to choose from. While the pasta's are decent the salads are out of this world offering a new spin on this health meal.

Last year Col'Cacchio started a celebrity chef series where they chose six famous South African chefs to make and create a pizza. Each chef and its pizza was designated a certain month in which it would be on the menu. At the end for each pizza sold 5 bucks would be donated to the Red Cross War Memorial Hospital.

This month saw an Argentine inspired creation as Nicky Gibbs, head chef of Westcliffe, put together the most amazing pizza. Perfect for the lactose intolerant (like myself) this Argentinian beauty contains no mozzarella but sees a host of amazing fresh ingredients on it.El Gaucho has an Argentinian style stew steak, chimicurri, fresh rocket, freshly sliced red onions, rossa sauce drizzled with oliv oil.

I highly recommend this pizza to anyone who appreciates the beauty of combining an array of tastes, and after all it goes towards a good cause, and it is a good way to get the party started.

Following work Assembly was calling my name. After one hell of a jam last weekend, I was keen to hit Harrington Str once more. A pricey entrance fee as tickets were a 100 bucks at the door and 85 pre-sold it was well worth money as the party was electrifying.

The line-up included two huge internationals in the shape of Fuckkkk Offf and Boom Monk Ben along with Cape Town's local boys P.H Fat and others.

The party was pumping as everyone hit the floor in what was one of the best parties of the weekend.

Saturday evening sees Billy Talent, Van Coe Kartel, Taxi Violence, and Philadelphia Grand Jury perform at the 3 Arts theatre in Plumstead. It going to be a rocking party and I am heading there. A full report will be posted up, come the following morning.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Living Under Table Mountain

My name is Rossella, I am a 21 year old female living in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a passionate writer looking to expand out of my traditional ways of writing. What might that be? Well, to be honest it is writing about Italian football. Yes, you heard me.... Italian Football!

Why? Well, my parents are Italian and naturally I have been brought up to live "la dolce vita". Cooking and eating great Italian food, being subjected to having a traditional family Sunday feasts, being brought up with Italian traditions and celebrating the Italian holidays. Everything I have ever known in my 21 years of existence has been Italian!

However; 21-years on I find myself, after 8 trying months, appreciating the Mother City in which I live. Maybe the World Cup had this colossal affect on me or it has been the passing of three dear loved ones, in a short space of time, that has made me realise life it too short. Nevertheless; whatever it may be I have finally woken up and seen the Mother City's beauty and the beauty of its people.

This is why I have decided to open up a second blog. One that will be devoted purely to all things Cape Town that this 'little girl trapped in a big city' is experiencing. I will bring you restaurant reviews, club and music festival reviews and everything else that I, as a 21-year old female, experience first hand in Cape Town.

Lets get this party started!