Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bombay Bicycle Club

My daily routine sees me drive along Kloof street everyday and no matter how much I try not to, I always look at the beautifully decorated Bombay Bicycle club and wish I could eat there one night.

Saturday night I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go, as it was a friend's birthday. Had it not been the birthday I think I would find myself a year later still wishing I had tried it out.

Just walking into the restaurant was mind blowing itself. Not one table is the same. Each table is decorated with different objects, while the room is so busy with stuff hanging off the walls and roof you spend more time worrying about the decorations than the menu, but that just added to the whole relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

Their infamous chilli chocolate steak was a special, along with R99 for a kilogram of prawns (amazing deal), while crumbed veal and a seafood curry was also on the specials list.

I opted for the oven roasted beef with caramelised onion and a cranberry, port, mushroom reduction sauce at R140. The sauce was amazing but I felt the beef could have been more tender throughout. I felt like I was severed two different beef steaks cut up and served on to one dish.

The birthday girl had the chilli chocolate sauce steak. The dish came with three medallions on a skewer with some fried, noodle vibe that looked like something had landed on the dish. Nevertheless I believe the actual dish itself was amazing.

The kilogram of prawns dish was huge, but for the seafood lover it was amazing; definitely hitting the hunger spot.

The desserts looked amazing as the chocolate cigars were definitely the most popular amongst the table. Each dessert costs R36. A warning though, should one wish to bring their own dessert or cake Bombay do charge a 'cakage' fee of R50.

Mixed results overall, but I would recommend a try. The whole ambiance in itself is worth checking out. But be warned prices are high and you might want to make sure you have some money saved before going in.

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