Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nu Metro's Woza Wednesdays

Tonight I found myself somewhat reminiscent as I strolled into the Waterfront's Nu Metro Cinema which was packed full of people looking to capitalise on Nu Metro's half price movie ticket special. For years now Nu metro have been supplying the public with half price movies on a Wednesday evening, and it has never failed to bring in the viewers, no matter what age.

Why reminiscent? Well, back in the days when I was at school Woza Wednesday was the night to go out on a school night and say you "Yeh, I went out". It gave us a sense of being 'cool'. We never had to wait until the weekend to stay up past 10pm or 11pm; Wednesday was they night.

It was considered our first step into the young adult life before becoming legal because then we could go out to all the parties and drink alcohol, and stay up even later. Therefore, Nu Metro on a Wednesday and Ster Kinekor on Tuesday where the nights to go out.

My mate and I went there to try and watch the much talked about Inception; to no surprise it was fully booked, despite being on air for weeks. Ultimately we opted to watch the Grown Ups which was a fun light hearted comedy and well worth the R18.

It felt just like being back at when I was at school as the smell of pop-corn floated around the cinema, slushy puppies where being drunk and the crackling of sweet papers could be heard in between the odd scene in which there was no laughter.

It really was a good, chilled night out. Much different to what us 21-year-olds usually do and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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  1. Thanks for coming back - hope you had a good time :-)