Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bayside Cafe: Camps Bay & Woolies Sale

There is no mistaking why the Bayside Cafe in Camps Bay is one of the oldest restaurants in Camps Bay; their wide menu, catering for all types of foodies, and its decent prices has seen locals and foreigners flock to the road side restaurant.

Today I met a good friend, who I haven't seen in a year, for a good catch-up session. Naturally the Bayside called our name and it didn't fail to deliver. The service was good and the food brilliant as I ordered a Hawaiian chicken wrap and my friend a line fish and grilled calamari combo.

The portions were overly generous and the prices decent, with my wrap coming in at R68 and the the fish combo R98. A side plate was also included that had roasted baby onions (yum yum) and the traditional creamed spinach and butternut.

A wonderful sunny day in Camps Bay as the little village was pumping with people looking to treat themselves with good food and fine weather.

I highly recommend The Bayside Cafe as they also have a free winter meal special that seems to be a winner: might as well utilise the special while it lasts as it will be ending soon.

Finally, I am not one for shopping and least of all one for sales. I find them messy and chaotic and often people just dump the items wherever they deem fine IE: the majority of the time on the floor.

However; yesterday I walked into Woolies at Piazza St Johns and the Woolies at the Waterfront and both where well organised. Items were not piled all on top of each other or thrown on the floor.Making it a plesant shopping experience!

I recommend taking a look at the sale as the prices are outrageously good and the items are, as per usual Woolworths quality, excellent!

Check it out, this should not be missed!But be warned, the spring collection is out too and it is looking as fabulous as ever so you might need to be taking out a mortgage to pay off the bills because it is oh so tempting!

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