Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rock On. Billy Talent!

It is a long weekend in South Africa to celebrate women's day and being a young female myself I have decided to embrace the weekend and enjoy it to its fullest before the heavy studying. The weekend has only reached its halfway point and it has already been one of the most epic weekends.

Last night saw the Billy Talent concert at the 3 Arts theatre in Plumstead. Tickets were sold out weeks before the concert as the eagerly awaited Canadian band made their first trip down to Mother City.

The venue itself was awesome. It is an old, run down ice-rink building which lies in the middle of what looks some what like a junk yard. Holding up to about three thousand people, the rustic look made the concert look like a real underground, exclusive event.

With out a doubt Taxi Violence set the concert alight as the rocked the stage hard, proving once again why they are one of South Africa's best bands. While Van Coke Cartel brought a different edge to the concert, as they performed in Afrikaans, they ripped the stage apart. Putting in a crazy performance that really put everyone in the mood to get to hear Billy Talent.

Marsh pits started and crowd surfing began as the Afrikaans boys won over even the fully English speaking people. Even I can say that- despite not understanding much- that they rocked it hard!

But nothing beat Billy Talents performance. The previous bands were great, Billy Talent was out of this world. sounding even better live than on recording the four band members rocked it hard. The crowd went insane as a gigantic marsh pit formed in the middle. Several at a time could be seen to be crowd surfing as the hall erupted into singing and dancing.

Without a doubt one of the craziest events I had ever been to but one of the best too. The bass kicked it hard, the drums were worked in an insanely brilliant manner and the lead guitar was just out of this world. Not to mention Benjamin putting in a high powered, energetic, rocking performance.

A awesome evening, an epic weekend and it is not yet over!


  1. ive heard a lot of good things about billy talent,.. dont think ive heard any of there songs though..

  2. Check them out. There songs 'fallen leaves', 'surrender'and others are quite well known :) They were awesome last night :)