Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 Seconds To Mars. Enough Said.

When you hear the name 30 Seconds to Mars you immediately think insane rock music, powerful lyrics and of course Jared Leto. The band needs little introduction to South Africans who idolise and admire the amazing chords and tunes the band strings together while of course being blown away by Jared Leto's ability to hit certain note that fails 99% of us.

Last night saw the close of 30 Seconds To Mars' World Tour in South Africa seeing them playing one night in Johannesburg and two in Cape Town. The concert was held at the Grand Arena at Grand West Casino.

Out of the three rock concerts that I had the privilege to attend this year Jared Leto and co won me over as they put on one of the most powerful performances ever. From opening up with "Beautfil Lie" to Jared performing a solo acoustic set of "Alibi" in the crowd to their final song of "King and Queens" the rock trio had everyone on their feet the whole night.

The stage presence that Leto has and his endless energy was fantastic to see as he belted out those high notes leaving all the ladies in tears. His acoustic version of "Alibi" singing in the middle of the audience silenced everyone in the Arena as the rock star turned the song it such beauty.

It was a night to remember and for anyone who wasn't a fan before and got to see them live is surely a fan now. Thank you to 5FM and Big Concerts for organising the return of this rock trio, we now wait in anxiety for their next return.

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