Sunday, November 28, 2010

Synergy, You Beast!!

I could never understand the hype surrounding the whole outdoor, weekend party experience. Mud and grass in all places, the hard floor to sleep on, dirty toilets and showers, and a 72 hour long booze fest definitely did not sound like my cup of tea. Though I admit there was a tinkle of temptation to find out why it was so highly rated.

With University exams finally over I decided to hit one of the biggest festivals for an awesome post-exam party, Synergy was the way to go with an impressive line-up of local rock bands and some electro and drum and bass artists that were guaranteed to knock everyone’s socks off the temptation was at an all time high. I just had to look beyond the whole camping thing for two nights.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon in Franschoek the heat was at its peak. It is still surprising how we managed to take carry all our bags from the car through to the camp site and still set up camp. The sweat was dripping from each beautiful specimen there; disgusting I know, but this was Synergy, and everything goes in Synergy!

Disappointingly the entrance into the main area was delayed as Feeder still has to do their sound check. With little shade available and the pelting heat exhausting everyone, tempers started to become on edge as all they wanted was to get to the river to cool down. However; once the gates were finally opened all was forgotten and everyone was ready to have a great party.

After a quick look-about at the stages and the stores we hit the river for a quick cool down before deciding to go to the rock stage. By this stage the drinking had already began so spirits were high all round. At the main stage we stayed to watch the Dirty Skirts, Black Hotels, and Foto Na Dans who got everyone up on
their feet ready to stomp the whole weekend. There was no denying that the music played was amazing. From the singing, to the guitar solos all the bands rocked and they rocked it hard. But by 10pm the time had come for me to go to the Electro stage to see PHFAT and Hyphen.

Finally after much persuasion on my end to convince the friends to join me, they finally did as they we awed by the sound and the bass that was pumping out of the Electro tent. Psychedelic-Bass rappers PHFAT once again pulled in the crowds as they owned the stage: their song “Big Five” once again a winner amongst the audience.

After a strong performance by the PHFAT boys the god of Drum and Bass, Hyphen, was up next and he ensured that the audience size only increased. Hyphen pumped out some heavy, wicked tunes as the bass shook through the floor up through everyone’s feet; taking over their body and mind (and no alcohol was not solely to blame). His own mix of the Barbara Streisand song by Duck Sauce came on, which was soon to become the Synergy theme song, got everyone pumping even more for the acts to follow. A special appearance from MC Psyke was the perfect touch to Hyphen’s mind blowing beats raising the bar even more for Niskerone and SFR who were closing the set.

Despite the killer electric waves running through our bodies we had to force ourselves back to the main stage to witness Jax Panik’s first live performance. I am a firm believer that you start off with rock and you end with electro and not the other way round, and that opinion is still to remained unchanged.

Departing on such a high from the Electro tent we felt that Jax Panik had to put out one world-class performance to keep us on the music high. Starting with his most well known song “Get up” we thought he may just well pull it off but we slowly started to lose momentum and energy as the songs became less unknown and we struggled to hear his voice above the electronic waves of his band. Despite this I will give Jax Panik the benefit of the doubt as it was his first live gig and he will grow with experience. I will happily go and see him once more. With the live acts over our Friday was completed but the fun was only beginning as we headed out back to the tent to meet up with the rest of the mates. Friday was definitely the start of what was to be the best weekend of this year.

Saturday morning arrives; cold, misty and wet... eish ...the weather reflecting how everyone was feeling: heavy heads, aching muscles, rings around everyone’s eyes, and dirty clothes covered in mud and leaves. Yet a glimmer of a smile could still be seen on everyone’s faces as they recalled the madness, naughtiness and drunken escapades from the night before.

We started off the day slowly, whether that was due to the hangover and sore body or the endless queues I am yet to figure it out. A chilled session by the tent for the majority of the day helped us regain our strength for what was to be another epic night. The line-ups at both the electro tent and the main stage were killer so I ran between sets and jammed where ever I could. Though undoubtedly Mix and Blend got my ball rolling and my energy levels pumping. But Hog Hoggidy Hog called my name as I was dragged to the main stage by the friends to watch some punk- come-ska music. I think I got my full weeks gym work out in the amount of running and jamming I did between the two stages. I am still unsure as to how I managed to not fall once in my drunken state.... yet that does not explain why both my hamstrings still ache today??

Come 21:45 there was no question were I was to be. Following a mass attack by my two guy mates I decided to mission solo to the Electro tent to see Haezer play. I was not going to let a stupid argument ruin the most epic weekend ever. When the Electro god stepped out onto the decks the masses were all around the tent, the crowd was huge and the energy levels were pumping. I somehow managed to squeeze myself into the front centre and I jammed hard to what was the most insane Electro beats. Heazer pulled it off once again and he did it in an awesome style.

I must admit I would hate to have been El Gordo having to play straight after an undoubtedly crowd favourite. Nevertheless the youngster pulled out some sick tunes which kept the crowd pumped. Goldfish the final gig of the night did what everyone knew they would do and play their best most popular tunes. They made the perfect end to what was the most awesome experience ever.

Synergy you turned innocent people into crazy, drunken people, you and with the influence of lots and lots of alcohol took over our minds and body. You broke our bodies but we regained strength for a second round on the Saturday night. I made awesome new friends, experienced the most epic weekend ever, and jammed to the sickest beats I have ever heard. Thank you Synergy, you may have taken some of our memories- but you put a smile on everyone’s face leaving us only wanting more!!

So despite my skepticism about outdoor parties I can now say I understand the hype and I am already planning my next music festival. Rock on!

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