Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hudsons on Somerset

If you like Burgers there really is only two places where one can go in Cape Town and truly enough a wholesome, and relatively healthy burger; those are Royale Eatery and Hudsons Burger joint.

Yesterday the new Hudsons- on the corner of Somerset and Portswood Road in Green Point- was calling our name to be tried out.
After having taken my friend to Royale Eatery several month back he was aching to try out the much raved Hudsons, and the new one was the perfect opportunity.

Situated across the road and next to the Cape Royale Hudsons on
Somerset has taken over the corner spot which was previously occupied by Melissa's and Bravado. Some consider that corner cursed but if Hudsons keep up to their great standards business should not be a problem.

With an improvement to the menu; seeing new burgers being offered, starters, sliders, salads and even pizza's there is much more to choose from. I opted for 'The Game'. As the name suggest it is an ostrich patty topped with cranberry sauce, goats cheese and rocket. It was scrumptiously delicious and a great pleasure to see ostrich patties being served on the menu.

Royale Eatery only offer one type of burger with the ostrich patty whereas Hudsons can add it to any burger you desire. Very happy customer!!

While my friend decided to go for 'The Player'; a beef patty that had bacon, avocado and feta on it. Sounding more like a pizza topping he said the burger was really tasty and he enjoyed it very much.
The food overall was full of flavour, well presented and a definite winner.

The service however was a bit of a let down as the waitresses seemed unsure of themselves and once we had eaten they never bothered to ask us if we wanted dessert or coffee. After failing to grab their attention to ask to see the dessert menu the bill arrived in fornt of us without even having asked for it. This was a bit of a let down but it is still early days and I am sure it will improve with time.

Nevertheless Hudsons comes as recommended restaurant for the Burger lovers and for anyone keen to have a chilled night eating good wholesome food.

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