Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rezonance. New Years Eve Jol

There has always been a huge hype around New Year’s Parties where places, clubs and people compete to see who can host the most glamouress New Years eve party of them all. Personally I find New Years eve to be terribly overrated seeing one pay a lot of money to go out to a party and half the time heading home rather disappointed. However this year I opted for something different.

After failing to have a good New Years for the past four years running I decided to camp out and do it the hippie way at Rezonance in Contermanskloof Estate in Durbanville.

Rezonance is one of the most famous New Year’s trance parties to hit the South African stage and it sure lived up to its reputation of non-stop banging music, continuous stomping, free flowing drinking, audacious behaviour and just plain fun!

We got there at about lunch time on the Friday in the scorching hot weather. After having our car directed to a field miles away (it was closer to Jo'Burg than anything else) from the camp site and the stages we eventually started the great trek with our tent, bags, and of course the most important part ...the alcohol -down to the camp site. Setting up camp was a struggle as the heat was unbearable and all we wanted to do was check out the venue and start listening to some good Dub-step tunes.

Following the huge struggle with the heat in putting up all our tents we finally made our way down to the main area where the dub-Step tent had already started pumping out the heavy tunes. The drinks where already flowing and people were just lazing about under the shade, by the dam or in the camp site. Not much happened until the late afternoon when the trance tent eventually got up and running; after all 90% of the people that came through to Rezonance were there for the trance.

Organik Panik had the honour of getting the stomping started at the Trance tent, whipping out some heavy tunes and slowly bringing in the masses. As more and more people gathered to the stomping ground it became impossible to find my friends. I met a bunch of four guys who kindly decided to look after me and allow me to stomp on their cooler box.

Now being a good two heads above most people I had the perfect view of watching everyone come in and get into the feel of things as the trance took over their body and minds. I was able to see how people interacted with each other, the DJ and the music: a beautiful sight to behold as pure joy was written across everyone’s face as the sound waves electrified through their bodies.

Five hours had past with a tad bit of too much alcohol having been consumed and stomping on the cooler box having now become my trademark. Artifakt brought the year to a close in style as a wave of heavy beats just kept on coming in. But it was Super Evil who would steal the show and everyone’s souls.

In between the changeover of Artifakt and Super Evil, Triksy by the Commercial Hippies, was played on the sound system as a dragon and various other props were brought onto the stage. By this stage everyone was high on life, and perhaps other shizz, but they were all getting even more hyped up for the New Year.

I somehow managed to miss the countdown for the New Year as I was too busy having a drunken argument with a friend on how to put on his T-shirt. But that was the least of the worries as Super Evil sent shock waves through everyone’s bodies with their killer beats and sound waves; each track sending a different emotion through our bodies.

It was Super Evil’s impressive set that set everyone up on a high by providing us with good vibes and endless energy to party right through the night. By 5am lighting and thunder had started and the skies had opened up, providing a great change in temperature. The lightning display was a psychedelic as the lights at the main stage providing its own show. Despite the gloomy weather conditions it was impossible to put a damper to the party as we continued to stomp if not harder!

As the sun rose some of the sleepers started to show face again and it was a unanimous decision amongst the all nighters that sleep was not even an option. We powered through the rain and by mid day the sun was out again and the weather was cooking hot.

Chabunk ended off the day’s trance vibe to make way for the techno bands like Goldfish and Napalma who played heavy beats and continued to keep the stompers attention. Nevertheless come sunset the trance was back and it was time to party harder as I made my way to the Techno DubStep tent to listen to the likes of El Gordo and PH Fat.

I had the utmost pleasure in having an awesome jamming partner and one of Cape Town's most renowned partiers beside me I managed to meet the likes of El Gordo, Pascal and Anthea. They were all so chilled and super cool, making my night even more better. But it was time for a quick stomping session and some more drinking vibes before a much needed rest.

Unfortunately come 11pm I was dead tired after having been awake since 5am the Friday morning; it was time to call it a night and put to rest the broken body, mind and soul. Come Sunday the body had had enough, aching from head to toe and freezing and damp from the misty weather conditions I stayed to watch Broken Toy who pulled off yet another killer set. Despite really wanting to see Headroom and Gandalf it was time to make tracks and give the body a hot shower, proper food that didn’t consist of liquid and a comfy bed.

All in all it was the best weekend ever; putting an end to a year that has been the most testing on a personal level, whilst definitely starting off the New Year on the right foot. Thank you to all who made this weekend magical: the DJ’s, the people, the heavy beats it was all too insane! Once again another weekend for the memory books. * Stomp Stomp Stomp!!*

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