Friday, January 28, 2011

Must Stop Shop: Mooiberge

As mentioned in my previous article on Hillcrest, Stellenbosch is one of my favourite places to go out and spend the day tasting wine and indulging in fine tasting foods.

From central Cape Town there are two main ways in which one can enter into Stellenbosch and they are via the N1 or the N2. Depending which wine farm or place you are visiting it is sometimes easier to take one of these two routes.

When accessing Stellenbosch from the N2 side there is one particular little place I like to stop at called Mooiberge. Nestled in and amongst the magnificent wine farms, Mooiberge lies on the main road from Sommerset West.

Upon driving past the little farm one takes more notice and the large strawberry and the strangely colourful scarecrows that are one display. These art works fool the passers by into what this little gem actually possesses.

Traditionally known as a small Strawberry farm, Mooiberge allows visitors to go out and pick their own strawberries, while afterwards they can relax at the little cafe that serves tea and cake. Inside there is a shop that has the most amazing dried fruit products and preserves imaginable.

From dried banana chips, to strawberries; from date balls, to dried kiwis (yes kiwis and they are out of this word!!) Mooiberge has every form of dried fruit imaginable. They also have a wide selection of jams and preserves made from the fruit that can be seen in the shop.

It is a must-stop shop and on my outings to Franshoek or Stellenbosch I always make sure I save time for a quick detour to Mooiberge to stock up on some healthy dried fruit and jams.

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